Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bridal Shower Invitations

Even though I started this blog after doing a couple projects, I thought I'd go ahead and add them just in case someone out there is looking for inspiration or something :)

I'm the MOH for Brittney's wedding, so I've been busy busy designing the invitations and planning for the upcoming parties. I just finished the Bridal Shower invitations, but not without some frustration and cash down the drain. I'm still learning this whole invitation making process and I'm definitely learning from my mistakes!

I had a grand plan. I thought it was at least. Let's not drag this out. The "plan" didn't work. I bought all the card stock, spent hours on the design, printed out everything, and then decided to put them together. Please people, take it from me...DO NOT print everything and then try out your fancy plan. Nothing worked. They were supposed to be envelopments (the inside of the envelope is the invitation) and they ended up being a disaster. Let's move on.

Gotta start from scratch. That design just wouldn't work. So I searched for inspiration. I went through my jenspiration reel in my mind that night. Then, I woke up with a whole new plan. And here it is:

I printed the invitations and Best Wishes cards on textured card stock (Hobby Lobby). Her wedding color is coral, so I went with that.

After printing everything and putting the invitation and Best Wishes card in the envelope I realized the BW card was way too small, no one would even notice it and just pull the invitation out. So I devised a new plan. I found some clear photo corners at Joann's (I'm sure Walmart or HB sells them cheaper but I just happened to be in Joann's when the idea hit me) and adhered them to the back top left corner of each invitation and voila!

On to the envelopes. I really like the Kraft envelopes, they're usually thick and super cute for a natural look.

And here's the finished product all together.

btw, I use Inkscape for all my designs. It's free, not super user friendly, but similar to a program I had been using that suddenly crapped out on me, so it wasn't too hard to pick up.


  1. Nice Job! I like the sample name by the way. ;)

  2. I figured you wouldn't want everyone to know your address ha