Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hello World!

Well, I've done it. Brittney, one of my best buds, and I talked about this weeks ago. I mulled it around a while and then it left my mind as soon as I got hungry and started thinking about queso or cookies or whatever may have popped into my mind at the moment. Then, today the urged returned after finishing some invitations for Brittney's Bridal Shower and talking with Bryson--my roommate--about my new found love for card making and my long term relationship with party planning. So here it is! I don't plan on updating daily...I have a life, ya know...but when I get some "jenspiration", a funny story, or a crazy thought I'll be sure to add it to my new blog!

Until next time.



  1. Hey! Jenni, GOOD LUCK in your new endeavor. The cards were very well done. I love the blog name & the "jenspiration" Hope everything works the way that you want.. Love ~ Aunt Rita

  2. This looks awesome!
    From Bryson